Antica Acetaia Toscana


Method and Passion

Antica Acetaia Toscana comes from a family tradition, from ancient passions handed down and renewed during the years in the field of fermentation. As a habit, housewives used to make wine vinegar. Our family great-grandmothers, Amelia and Maria, both used the same method to make wine vinegar, the traditional method.

They handed it down to us and we still use it to craft high-quality Wine Vinegar.

That's how we make them, since ever

Production process daily requires attention to details and craftsmanship: we start by selecting the wines/musts, fundamental step to achieve a high-quality final product. We exclusively use Tuscan wines. Wine acetification goes on for several months in oak barrels, soaked with acetobacters grown by us in the Acetaia.

We check the fermentation process every day to guarantee our Wine Vinegar maintain their colour, taste and scent of the wines from which they are made. All this requires time, passion and dedication, always rewarded by the final result, a great source of satisfaction to us.

A crest, a guarantee

The logo of Antica Acetaia Toscana logo has deep roots, firmly anchored to the history of the city of Siena. The pictogram is in fact the reproduction of Family Sozzi crest, from which I, Stefano Boschi descend on the maternal side.

The family is portrayed in “Il Buon Governo nell’ufficio della Gabella” by Benvenuto di Giovanni (Sienna 1436-1518), famous Italian artist. In the work, the city is personified by an elder man, sitting on the throne inside the office of Gabella. The scribe and the chamberlain sit on his side, focused on their job.

The crests belong to some families from Sienna, the Sozzis among them, tax collectors that distinguished themselves for their services during the Middle Ages, as guarantors of wealth and services distribution to the people, assuring the “Good Government” super partes. Cities that pursue the “Good Government” enjoy peace, harmony and prosperity.

The brand Antica Acetaia is a warm, proud dedication to my maternal family, by exalting traditional flavours and products.